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High Quality: High purity chemicals for use as certified reference materials

Cost Effective: Products packaged in small quantities to minimize expenses

Wide Selection: 1,200 pesticide and metabolite reference standards (including banned and discontinued items)

Certification backed with experience: 50 years of experience. ISO 9001:2008 : ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification :

ISO Guide 34:2009 For Organic Reference Material




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Propionaldehyde ; F2335; O-233

Part Number: N-13112-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 123-38-6

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, No C oF A , S-463

Part Number: NG-S463-1G
Pack Size: 1G

2-Bromo-4'-phenylacetophenone ; 2400F

Part Number: NG-15269-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 135-73-9

Dimethenamid OA Solution 100ug/mL in Methanol; MET-2161BJS

Part Number: MET-11755BM1-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

POE (20) sorbitan monopalmitate, No C oF A , S-263

Part Number: NG-S263-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 9005-66-7

Benzanilide ; O-264

Part Number: N-11148-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 93-98-1

2,4-Dinitroaniline Solution 1000ug/ml in Toluene; F2507JS

Part Number: S-10539U4-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

Calcium stearate, No C oF A , S-92 Ou-63

Part Number: NG-11394-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 1592-23-0

Monohydroxyethyltrihydroxy-propylethylenediamine, No C oF A , 6026C

Part Number: NG-17108-1G
Pack Size: 1G

o-Xylene Solution 100ug/ml in Methanol; F719JS

Part Number: S-12699M1-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

p-Aminophenylethyl alcohol ; O-367

Part Number: N-12748-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 104-10-9

Fluazifop , PS-2390

Part Number: N-11977-10MG
Pack Size: 10MG
CAS # 69335-91-7

Tri-n-octylphosphine oxide, No C oF A , 8520

Part Number: NG-17977-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 78-50-2