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Greyhound offers a comprehensive selection of top quality Capilliary columns from leading manufacturers :

Macherey Nagel Columns & Supplies Catalogue             SGE GC Column Range

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GC-PLOT GasPro, 30m x 0.32mm x 5.0µm df

Part Number: 10-202042
Pack Size: EACH
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GC-5Amine, 15m x 0,32mmID x 0,50µm df

Part Number: 10-200580
Pack Size: EACH

OPTIMA WAX, 60m x 0,25mmID x 0,25µm df

Part Number: 726600.60
Pack Size: Each

GC-5, 60m x 0,32mmID x 0,10µm df

Part Number: 10-200390
Pack Size: EACH

OPTIMA 5, 30m x 0,25mmID x 0,25µm df

Part Number: 726056.30
Pack Size: Each

OPTIMA 225, 60m x 0,32mmID x 0,25µm df

Part Number: 726352.60
Pack Size: Each