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SGE is synonymous with the highest quality in chromatography components and consumables. The company has established a leading reputation over the last 50 years.

Recently taken over by Trajan, the SGE brand lives on and continues to grow in this field manufacturing; Syringes, Capillary Columns, Injection Liners, HPLC Columns, ETP and Chromatography Accessories.


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LINER VA75 2.3mm ID FOCUS pk/5

Part Number: SGE-092113
Pack Size: pk/5
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SGE N5-5 5UL NEEDLE (pk/5). Replacement needle.

Part Number: SGE-036110

SGE 5F-AG-0.63/0.47 Syringe, 6 Pk

Part Number: SGE-001822
Pack Size: Pk/6
SGE 5F-AG-0.63/0.47, 5µL Autosampler Syringe with Fixed 42mm, 0.63mm OD, tapering to 0.47mm OD, Cone Tipped Needle


Part Number: SGE-038265
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1/16" SilTite Metal Ferrules

Part Number: SGE-073223
Pack Size: Pk/10

CS Septa 7mm

Part Number: SGE-041822-CS
Pack Size: Pk/50

PEEKsil Tubing Blue 1/16" x 0.20mm ID x 50cm

Part Number: SGE-0624201
Pack Size: pk/2

SGE 10R-GP-GT 10uL Syringe

Part Number: SGE-002455
Pack Size: Each
SGE 10R-GP-GT, 10µL Syringe with Removable 50mm, 0.47mm OD, Cone Tipped Needle & Guided plunger extended glass barrel

SGE 2000MAR-LL-GT 2L Syringe.

Part Number: SGE-009930
Pack Size: Each
SGE 2000MAR-LL-GT, 2L Syringe, Acrylic (Jumbo) body with a septa sealed sampling port and a removable Luer Lock front fitting

SGE 2.5MDF-LT-GT 2.5mL Syringe.

Part Number: SGE-008420
Pack Size: Each
SGE 2.5MDF-LT-GT, 2.5mL Gas Tight SyringeTeflon Luer Tip

SGE 0.5BR-7-RA8 1404 Syringe,

Part Number: SGE-000355
Pack Size: Each
SGE 0.5BR-7-RA8 0.5µL Plunger-in-needle syringe with 70mm, 0.63mm OD, Cone Tipped Needle and repeating adapter

SGE N25/500-C/T-5/0.63C NEEDLE (pk/2). Replacement needle. .

Part Number: SGE-038735
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SilTite Micro Union 0.4mm - 0.5mm

Part Number: SGE-073561
Pack Size: Each

SilTite FingerTite Starter Kit Agilent INJ/FID for 0.53mm ID Columns

Part Number: SGE-07361053
Pack Size: Each


Part Number: SGE-092148
Pack Size: pk/5