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Founded in 1995, SiliCycle (R) Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and the commercialization of high value silica-based and speciality products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry.

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SiliaPrep, C8 nec, 5 g, 25mL

Part Number: SPE-R31130B-20X

Guard Cartridge XT C18 Fidelity, 10mm x 4.6mmID x 5um 100A

Part Number: HFG171805E-N010
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SiliaPrep, Alumina Neutral, 2g, 6mL

Part Number: SPE-AUT-0054-06U

SiliaChrom XDB1 C4-300, 150mm x 10mmID x 5um 300A

Part Number: H120405M-Q150
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SiliaChrom XDB1 CN-300, 100mm x 2.1mmID x 5um 300A

Part Number: H122005M-G100
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SiliaPrep, SCX-2/SAX, 100 mg, 1mL

Part Number: SPM-R802830B-01C

Guard Cartridge RPC-H, 10mm x 10mmID x 10um

Part Number: HG92007-Q010
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SiliaChrom SCX-300, 50mm x 4.6 mmID x 5um 300A

Part Number: H180005M-N050
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SiliaPrep, Phenyl, 2 g, 12mL

Part Number: SPE-R34030B-12U

SiliaChrom AQ C8, 100mm x 2.1mmID x 3um 100A

Part Number: H150803E-G100
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SiliaChrom XDB2 C18, 30mm x 3.0mmID x 3um 100A

Part Number: H131803E-H030
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SiliaChrom GF AMIDE, 150mm x 10mmID x 10um 100A

Part Number: H90107E-Q150
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SiliaChrom XDB1 AMINO, 150mm x 30mmID x 10um 100A

Part Number: H126007E-V150
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SiliaPrep, Amine (WAX), 50 mg, 1mL

Part Number: SPE-R52030B-01B

SiliaPrep, CleanENVI, 5g, 25mL

Part Number: SPEC-R31930B-20X