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About us

For over 35 years Greyhound Chromatography has been supplying high quality Chromatography consumables to research and analysis laboratories around the world.

Greyhound’s extensive range covers all areas of Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Forensics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis, holding stock of many popular products for prompt delivery via our extensive logistics network.

Greyhound prides itself on personal service which provides prompt, efficient, cost-effective, safe delivery of all products. With state-of-the art facilities and highly trained staff, Greyhound provides technical advice and distribution of Chromatography consumables across all disciplines. Our service is designed to provide a wide range of products, to help our clients to achieve excellent, cost-effective results. Greyhound manufactures its own range of Capillary Columns, Syringe Filters, SPE Columns and HPLC Columns, the 'Q' Range, as well as representing the industry’s best known manufacturers.

By working with the industry’s best known manufacturers we are able to tailor products to customer requirements and distribute products on behalf of 3M, AIT, Biosolve; BP (British Pharmacopeia), Cerilliant; Chem Service (Environmental and Pesticides); Chiron; Chromacol;  EP Scientific; Extrasynthese, Gas Arc; Hach Lange, HamiltonHigh Purity Standards; Honeywell, IDEX; Jour Research; Larodan Fine Chemicals; Macherey-Nagel; Merck, National Scientific; NISTParagon Scientific, PAH Reference Standards; Peak Scientific, Pfaltz and Bauer; Regis Technologies; Rheodyne; RT Corporation; SGE analytical, SGT Filters; Sigma Aldrich, Fluka and Supelco; SilicycleSwagelok;  TCI (Tokyo Chemical Industry); Thermo Scientific, Upchurch; USP (United States Pharmacopeia); Vici Valco Cheminert, Wellington Laboratories. Wheaton,

Our services include; Chemical Standards; Chiral Chromatography; Derivatives Analysis; Solvents;Dioxins/Furans/PCBs/PBDEs; Environmental Analysis; Gas Filters; GC; GC-MS; LC-MS; HPLC; ICP, ICP-MS, AA; Ion Chromatography; Lamps; Peak Scientific, Prep Silica; Reagents; SPE Solid Phase Extraction; SPME Solid Phase Micro-Extraction; Syringes; TLC Thin Layer Chromatography; Valves;Vials/Caps/Septa.

Our technical sales team is available to discuss your requirements in detail, from the application of products, to sourcing and prompt delivery. We are able to source hard to find chemicals which are no longer commercially available and are able to supply over 13,000 laboratory chemicals in small, convenient units. Our Technical Sales team are on hand to provide detailed product usage and product advice.  We are able to provide Organic and Inorganic Custom Mixtures, made to your requirements from our ISO accredited manufacturers.

Why Greyhound?

We're often asked where our brand name 'Greyhound' came from.  The simple explanation is that we wanted a name that people would remember easily.  35 years ago there wasn't Email or Internet, very few Fax machines were in use so everything took much longer to source and deliver.  We wanted to provide a service that was quick and reliable - there aren't many animals that are as quick as a Greyhound.  So we chose the sleek, fast Greyhound to take our business around the world.  The latest version of our logo is an 'updated' dog, probably the Great Grandson of the original dog.