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Corona Air Compressor (230v)

Part Number: PKS-85-0555
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Air compressor unit compatible with Corona Nitrogen units

Corona Nitrogen 1010 - Nitrogen Generator (110v/230v)

Part Number: PKS-81-4000
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For Thermo Fisher Corona Veo CAD, Dionex ERS/Vanquish CAD and LC, HPLC and UHPLC

Fusion 1010 - Zero Nitrogen & Zero Air Generator (230v)

Part Number: PKS-10-9240
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For GC Detector and Carrier Gas

Genius 1022 - Nitrogen Generator (230v)

Part Number: PKS-10-6022
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For the Thermo Q Exactive and Shimadzu LC-MS instruments

Genius 1024 - Nitrogen / Dry Air Generator (230v)

Part Number: PKS-10-9524
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For Sciex, up to and incl 6500 without SelexION

Genius 1050 - Nitrogen Generator (230v)

Part Number: PKS-10-9554
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Nitrogen generator compatible with most LC-MS instruments